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Our Non Profit = www.itsUncommon.org + Our Phone = 619+844+9886 & Twitter = @3104973381

Instagram for our President and Founder, Jon Pierson = .com/at3104973381

We use wix as a sponsor to show that people don't need to spend alot of money if they don't have to, and to encourage anyone to start a non profit or a business if they are able to.  We can also help in the process of idea-creation/developement, planning, preparing, building, launching, and managing a businesses. (1 hour a day on your own business, instead of just playing video games or watching TV, can help raise over $10,000 a year...) + You can start a business even while your working or looking for a job, we can help anyone who needs free/paid marketing, if you need help finding funding, and we can also help build free, sponsored, or paid websites/software.


...Have You Reached Your Goals Yet?
unless you can enjoy being alive without joining in with the evol and attacking me trying to have something I have or because your JEALOUS And SCARED...then 
"""""if you can""""" PLEASE KILL YOURSELF & LET ME EXIST WITHOUT YOUUUUUUU!!!!? ....its so BORING......YOUR SOOOO ANONOYING from lmnop.com & the 1st Jonathan E. Pierson a message from my dreams...I'm looking for Oz the 2nd my immortal son.....
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