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This company(Organa inc.) exist to support our research group(O.R.G + Uncommon Love(H.i.v.e Church[He Is Virtually EveryWhere], we have specialized in helping people learn, fundraise, connect, and also creating income generation opportunities.  Our company is founded on the principles of integrity and quality, as our founder doesn't believe a quest for more money should lead to a mediocre product/service.  Our 1st project started with a partnership with a charity, which helped form  The website is built to help anyone start businesses, projects, churches and charities and to make sure anyone can be given the support they need in life through fundraising for any cause they have, using direct donations and sponsors/ads.  Because of our unique ideas and our past success, the value of Organa inc is surprisingly in the billions, but because of new patent laws and a current move by the United States government to stop valuing software patents we have not been able to support the economy in America like we have had planned.  Please contact us for our private invite to our ideas and the path we have created to prepare this world for a personal search for the true power and knowledge that is out there for anyone and everyone. We have reached hundreds of millions through online advertising with millions of views/plays online and we have thousands of followers across Twitter and FB/Instagram, we have reached over 1 billion page views since 2007 with over 20,000 users of our system for fundraising over the years.

Our Current Valuation: 

OVER 454 billion US Dollars in value/assets...Friend/Family/Valued-Investor valuation is negotiable


Some of our unique online properties include: + + + + + TheSearch.Company + + + Wedeliver.Today

(This current valuation is based on Intellectual Property that is partially-owned/controlled/licensed, current assets[over 100 websites and domains, over 100 copyrights, over 100 completed/published works of art plus more], estimated future revenue, the results achieved during beta research(over 100 million people reached since 2006-2015), and current patent-licensing/unique-ideas/secrets) 

Are you an interested investor?


          We are offering a unique stock agreement until we reach our desired investment goal of around $1,500,000.00.  Our stock offerings are based on qualifications(especially based on your income level) and all investments must be at least $100.00.  You are able to invest at a valuation between 12 million and 110 million instead of the current value of the company(over 4.7 Billion in privately analyzed value/assets...).  Your percentage of stock can be sold immediately for any price or at the current value of the company.  

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(Uncommon Love, Hive Church Group, United Sports & Entertainment group, Organa inc)
Tel: 619 642 9395


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