Research & Developement


Choose a specific project to back/fund and receive rewards/dividends based on your investment/support for any of our current projects.  Each project agreement is individually customized and there is no flat reward rate for an investment.  As always you can invest in Organa at a lowered valuation with rewards/dividends available based on revenue earned.

Preparing Guacamole
Preparing Guacamole


A unique cartoon/animation that is inspired by Anthony Bourdain, it follows two kids who become youtube sensations cooking and teaching kids how to cook, they eventually receive funding to travel around the world to explore and find out about local foods.  The Animation will incorporate live video from places around the world to bring children hopefully closer to becoming chefs or becoming more interested in cooking and what it takes to cook.  We will be completing this cartoon using the help of Uncommon Love and their program at www.UnitedSportsand

Funding Cost:

30 minutes of animiation can cost between $10,000 and 30,000 for high quality work.

There are alot of ways Guac&Mole can gain traction without putting alot of funding into it just ask us what are plans are...

Breakfast at Home

A Pet Restaurant + Urban Farming

So the idea is a restaurant for low cost and high quality cuisine for pets, and of course the pet lovers are invited to enjoy food for people also.  This Idea allows people who have grown accustomed to treating their pets like family, to have a place where their pets can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. 

Expansion plans include a Dave and Busters style of system for pets and owners to enjoy games together and win prizes...

Weekly chef connections that allow us to offer different dishes curated or cooked by top chefs around the world FOR pets and owners to dine and experience together.


Just ask to speak with us privately...

Urban Farming and eMarket

We are also developing an Urban Farming program that allows Home owners and Owners of rental property to plant above, below, outside of, and within their properties using our funding to set-up and maintain.  The food will be used for a variety of purposes including feeding the homeless and for fundraising at farmers markets and direct delivery of produce using the internet.

Funding Goals:

We would need to hopefully purchase the building we use and we want to be in a location that is pet friendly like Los Angeles, we also have plans on franchising this business method so we are looking for quite alot of funding eventually as we seek after expansion.

Initial funding: $1 million to $5 million 

5th year funding request forecast: $100 million to 200 million for expansion to a franchise system...

Breakfast at Home

Expansion of our Web Networks
We want to expand to create a better looking and more fully functional network similar to craigslist with so much more user customization and more services...


We also want to expand to allow us to conquer the current delivery and transportation market by empowering the users and not the end company.  we will make money initially off of advertising on the website and network and we will allow users to post when they need a ride and to connect with past and public drivers in their area for rides.  Allowing the drivers to set their prices and allowing the riders better service and hopefully cheaper rides. +

We want to expand to finally launch a fully functional system on a private network separate from

YourKoz, called  It will provide a short content network similar to twitter and snapchat with a focus on AUDIO not text.  This will allow people to post and navigate their page and friends/public feeds for audio post.  Where they can listen to short messages for fun or even in case of urgency/emergency.  With a system that should work similar to how a walkie talkie works where a person can immediately have access to a message just by speaking an audio cue.

Total Funding Needed to Expand The Web Networks:

$45,000 to $100,000.00

In 2023 we are also building:

1.  A People Powered Search Engine

This would allow qualified people to earn rewards for searching and helping people answer questions/research/respond-to-queries.

2.  A Truth & Dare Website/App

This would allow people to post rewards in escrow for proof of completion of posted dares...also there will be revenue shared based on clicks and views for those who share their completed dares.

Please ask us for a full proposal or contact us if you want to get more information....